1941      1942      1943

Champion Second Place Third place (tied) Third place (tied)
Stanford Dartmouth Colorado Kentucky
Everett Dean Ozzie Cowles Frosty Cox Adolph Rupp

Active coaches (5+ games)

Rank Coach, Current school Yrs W-L Pct. Latest Final
All Trn 1942 All 4 2 1
T1 Phog Allen, Kansas 36 2 1-1 3-2 .600 1942 1 1 0
T1 Ozzie Cowles, Dartmouth 5 2 2-1 3-2 .600 1942 1 1 0


Kansas bows out in the first round, but wins the consolation game to make Phog Allen the first coach to appear in five tournament games.  Kansas came in second in the second tournament in 1940.
Ozzie Cowles joins Allen at five games later in the tournament as he leads Dartmouth to the national finals in his second tournament appearance.
This year's tournament is the first to have teams with NCAA tournament experience.  Colorado, Dartmouth, Kansas and Rice are the first four teams to be invited back, Dartmouth being the first team to play in back to back tournaments.  The other three played in 1940, with Kansas finishing second that year.