Thanks to all who have visited and especially those who took the time to email with comments.  Below are listed the errors found by others and those who helped me out in one way or another.

Thanks to Jeremy Benson for catching that I noticed that Lou Henson came out of retirement in 1998, but I missed that his new school (New Mexico State) made the tournament for a first round loss in 1999.
A big thanks to Gary Bedore for pointing me in the right direction in hunting down Ted Owens after he left Kansas.  Gary, who works for the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World which sponsors a site called for Kansas fans, has a page called Ask Gary inviting all to ask him questions about the Kansas basketball program.  I did and got a quick answer that Owens went to Oral Roberts after Kansas.  I was then able to locate a basketball encyclopedia that listed Owens as ORU's coach in 1986 and 1987.
Thanks to Penn alum Alan B. for confirming that 1978 was indeed Bob Weinhauer's first coaching year and stating that he thought that Weinhauer went to one of the Arizona schools after leaving Penn.  Alan related to me that Weinhauer was Chuck Daly's assistant and took over Penn's head coaching job when Daly moved on to the pros.  Alan also shared the following insights into Penn basketball in the Daly/Weinhauer era:
"I actually have an interesting story related to this transition, and have always wanted to ask Chuck Daly about it.  As I'm sure you know, Chuck was phenomenally successful as a pro basketball coach, and had a reputation as being a "player's" coach who coached to the strength of his players.  While at Penn, he had the exact opposite reputation.  His rep was that he was a superb recruiter (he gets credit for recruiting the group that took Penn to the final 4 in '79), but he actually had a poor reputation on campus as a coach.  Specifically he took a very speedy, athletic group with a very creative point guard and insisted on molding them into half-court basketball.  There was tremendous, obvious frustration, with the group underperforming in the 76-77 season with Princeton winning the Ivies.  When Weinhauer took over, he let his players loose and played to their strengths.  The results?  Penn almost beat Duke in the '78 NCAAs (up by 8 points with less than 8 minutes to go, then blew it) and then their final four cinderella story in '79.  I can't help but wonder what impact this had on Daly and whether it resulted in his change of coaching style that ultimately led to his huge success in the NBA."
Thanks to Chad for setting me straight about Phil Woolpert's string of wins to start his tournament career.  My claim of 12 in a row came from his 12-1 start, but since he won national third place in 1957, the twelveth win came after losing in the Final Four, giving him "only" eleven straight to start his career.
Thanks to Steve from Weber State in Utah who corrected my spelling of LaDell Andersen's name.  He should know since he says Andersen is his wife's uncle....
Thanks to manologarpri (who did not sign his or her email) for pointing out that Johnny Orr had actually gone to the final game in 1976 against Indiana. I had somehow dropped the Final 2 credit and my tools had propagated the error...