1957      1958      1959

Active and Former (20+ games)

Rank Coach, Schools (*=not active) Yrs. W-L Pct. Final
4 2 1
1 Adolph Rupp, Kentucky 28 20-6 .769 5 4 4
2 Hank Iba, Oklahoma State 29 14-6 .700 4 3 2


National Champs: Kentucky Adolph Rupp
Second place: Seattle John Castellani
Third place: Temple Harry Litwack
Fourth place: Kansas State Tex Winter

Adolph Rupp and Kentucky win a record fourth championship, improving Rupp's record to .769, good for first place on the list.
Hank Iba leads Oklahoma State to two wins against one loss and joins Rupp on the list at .700.  Iba was the first coach to win back to back titles ('47 and '48), which in fact were in his first tournament appearances. He won his first two games in the 1949 tournament to set a record of eight wins without a loss, a record that was tied by Branch McCracken of Indiana in 1954 and broken by Ken Loeffler of La Salle in 1955 with nine in a row without a loss.  The all-time record was set in 1957 by Phil Woolpert of USF who won his first eleven tournament games in the course of winning two straight titles and a national third place from 1955 to 1957.  Ed Jucker tied and very nearly broke Woolpert's record in 1963 when Cincinnati came within one game of winning it's third straight tournament.